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7 26 287 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 1.4x 1024mm 109.438898 18105mm 200500mm 2011 blackwater blackwater falls blackwater falls state park clouds dawn landscape long exposure rocks summer sunrise trees 2012 may birding trip 2013 eagle fest 2014 may birding trip 2014 south trip 2nd falls of elakala 300mm f4 43.416212 43.416212 109.438898 80200mm 8th st. jetty 8th street jetty abdu acadia acadia national park after sandy afternoon allegheny front alligator alternate plumage amanita muscaria amav american avocet american bittern american black duck american goldfinch american kestrel american redstart american robin american white pelican american wigeon amgo amke amwi anchor anhi anhinga animal anne arundel anne arundel county antelope antilocapra americana assateague assateague horse assateague island assateague pony atlantic atlantic county atlantic ocean attention audubon swamp garden autumn avalon avian awpe baby backyard bacteral mat bacteria bacterial mat baea bald eagle baltimore baltimore city baltimore county bar harbor barn barn owl barn swallow barred owl baskets bass harbor bass harbor lighthouse basw baww bay beach beached beacon beak beam bear bear rocks bear rocks at dolly sod bear rocks dolly sod beckleysville road belted kingfisher benezette benjamin dehaven berry bethany beach bggn big cat big sky big stopper bird birdhouse birds birds of prey bison bittern bla black black and white black bear black crown black crowned night heron black necked stilt black skimmer black vulture blackandwhite warbler blackbird blackcrowned night heron blacknecked stilt blackpoll warbler blackstone blackstone summit blackthroated green warbler blackwater blackwater falls blackwater falls sp blackwater falls state park blackwater national wildlife refuge blackwater nwr blackwater wildlife refuge blgr blpw blsk blue blue dasher blue grosbeak blue heron blue hour bluegray gnatcatcher bluestone park blvu bnst boat boathouse boating boats bobo bobolink bog boil bombay bombay hook bombay hook national wildlife refuge bombay hook nwr bombay hook. nature bone yard beach boneyard boneyard beach botany bay botany bay plantation boulder beach bouy bower beach bran brant breeding breeding plumage bridge brookside gardens brown brown thrasher brth brush btgw bubble bud buff buffalo buffalo bill buffalo bill reservoir buffalo bill state park bufflehead bull elk bull frog bunting buoy burn butter butt butterbutt butterfly bw cach cactus cades cove cadillac mountain caeg cambridge cambridge. oakley street camouflage campsis radicans canada goose canadian geese canoe canv canvasback canyon cape henlopen state park cape may cape may county cape may state park captive carolina chickadee carolina wren carroll carroll county carw cascades castle cataloochee cataloochee valley catbird catch catoctin catoctin mountain park cattle egret caught cawr cecil county cedar waxwing cedw cenntenial lake cewa char charleston charleston county cheetah chelydra serpentina chesapeake chesapeake bay chesapeake bay bridge chesapeake beach chester county chestertown chick chickadee chimney tops chipmunk chipping sparrow choptank choptank river chsp circle claw clingman's dome clingmans dome cloud clouds cloudy coast guard cobble cobble beach codorus codorus state park coei cogo coha cold colo color colt columbia come common eider common goldeneye common grackle common loon common merganser common pondhawk common raven common snapping turtle common yellowthroat cone conowingo conowingo dam contrast cooper's hawk cora cormorant cornflower cosby country road cox creek coye coyote crab crab boat crabbing crabbing boat crack cream cromwell cromwell valley cromwell valley park crowheart crumble cucumber falls curtis bay curtis creek d7000 d7100 d90 daj designs dam dance dancing dawn dcco dead tree debbie jordan deep creek deer delaware delaware bay desert dew diamondback dock dolly sod dorchester dorchester county doublecrested cormorant douglas douglas falls dowitcher downy woodpecker dowo dragonfly drake droplets duck ducklings ducks duckweed dunes dunl dunlin dupont nature center dusk dust lane ea eagle eagle fest eaki eaph eastern bluebird eastern gray squirrel eastern king bird eastern kingbird eastern phoebe eastern screech owl eastern shore eastern wood pewee eastern woodpewee eating ebird alert ebird rare ebird rarity edwin b forsythe nwr edwin forsythe nwr egret elakala falls eldersburg electric avenue elk elk neck erupt esow eurasian eagle owl evening evergreen ewpe explosion eye eye contact eyes fairy falls falcon fall fall color fall colors falls family farm farm field farm house farmhouse fauna feathers feeding feet female fence fern field fields fight finch fire firehole canyon firehole canyon drive firehole falls firehole lake drive firehole pool firehole river fish fisherman's point fisherman's wharf fishing fishing boat fishing bridge village flagler flagler beach flamingo flapping flare fledgling flight flight. eye floating island lake flock flood flora floral flordia florida flower flowers flycatcher flying fog foggy folly beach food foothills foothills parkway forest fork highway fork hwy forster's tern fort armistead park fort meade fort smallwood fort smallwood park fox freezing rain fresnel frog fur galaxy gardenia garm garrett county gator gbbg gbhe gcki geese georgia geyser ghost glib glossy ibis glow gnatcatcher gold golden hour golden light goldencrowned kinglet goldfinch goose goslets grackle grand canyon grand fountain grand fountain geyser grand loop road grand prismatic grand prismatic pool grand prismatic spring grand teton national park grand teton np grass gravel road gray catbird grca great great blackbacked gull great blue heron great crested flycatcher great egret great falls great falls national park great falls park great head great smoky mountains great smoky mountains national park green green heron greenhouse greenwinged teal greet greg grhe grotto falls grounded gsmnp gulf fritillary gunner's lake gunpowder gunpowder river gwte hadu hanover shoe farms harford county harlequin duck harris hawk havre de grace hawk hay hay bale haze hazy hen heron hibiscus home hooded merganser hoodoo hook hooper's island hoopers island horse horseshoe crab hot spring howard howard county hunt valley hunting hunting beach hunting island hunting island light house hydes hydes road park ibis ice ice storm icecicle icy immature inbu indian river indian river inlet indigo bunting inlet insect irvine nature center jetty juvenile kenilworth aquatic gardens kent kent county king bird king of the beasts kingbird kit lagu lake lake elkhorn lake marburg lake roland lake yellowstone lamar lamar valley landing landscape laughing gull laughing gulls lbhe least bittern leaves lebi legs lesc lesser scaup ligh house light house light painting lighthouse lily lily pad lindy point lines lion little blue heron little creek little creek wma loch raven loch raven dam loch raven reservoir loch raven secondary dam logs long exposure longtailed duck longwood gardens loon lotus lotus blosssom louisiana heron lower geyser basin ltdu macro magnolia plantation magnolia warbler maine malaclemys terrapin male mall mallard mammoth mammoth hot springs mandarin duck mane marsh marsh hawk marsh wren maryland mask mathis gorge mawa mawr md merganser merl merlin merritt island merritt island nwr mesa midway basin midway geyser basin milky way mist mockingbird monarch montgomery county moon moon light moonlight moran pass morning moss motion mountain mountains moving water mt washburn mt. washburn mud mud pots muddy creek n fork hwy national park national wildlife refuge national zoo natural history museum nature nautical nest nest box nesting nesting box new jersery new jersey next night night heron night sky nikkor nikon nikon 1024mm nikon 18105mm nikon 300mm f4 nj noca nofl noga north carolina north east north east enterance north tract northern cardinal northern diamondback terrapin northern flicker northern gannet northern mockingbird northern shoveler nose november 2013 cape may trip nsho nut hatch nuthatch nwr oakley street ocean ocean city ocean city inlet ocean. photo ocena okefenokee swamp old faithful old faithful village old house oragon ridge orange orange spring mound orchid oregon ridge ospr osprey otter cliff otter cliffs otter point owings mills owl page county painitng with light pair palette spring palm warbler pano panorama paper mill paper mill flats paper mill mud flats parent park passion butterfly pastel patapsco park patapsco state park patriotic pattern patterns patterson park patuxent patuxent research refuge patuxent wildlife refuge pawa pbgr peek pefa pelican pennsylvania perched peregrine peregrine falcon petals pewee philadelphia vireo phoebe photography pickering beach picnic area piedbilled grebe pier pierce's cove pierce's plantation pigeon pikesville pine piney run piney run park pink plant play plumage point lookout point lookout light house polaris pond pony pool pop port mahon portrait potomac potomac river pouncing prairie warbler praw preening pretty boy prettybooy prettyboy prettyboy reservoir prime hook prime hook beach prime hook nwr prince george's prince george's county prong buck pronghorn pronghorn antelope pup purple purple sandpiper pusa quarry lake raccoon rain raindrop ranges rapids raptor rare raven rays rbgu rbnu rcki recovered red red bellied red fox red headed woodpecker red morph red phase red shouldered hawk red tail hawk red winged blackbird redbellied woodpecker redbreasted nuthatch redeared slider redh redhead redheaded woodpecker redshafted redshouldered hawk redtail redtail hawk redtailed hawk redwinged blackbird reed reeds reflection refuge reptile reservoir rhwo ricketts glen ringbilled gull ringnecked duck river rndu road roaring fork motor trail robert e. lee park rock rock run rocks rookery rope ropi rose roseate spoonbill rosp rote round route 287 royal tern rsha rtha rthu rubycrowned kinglet rubythroated humming bird rubythroated hummingbird ruddy turnstone running water rutu rwbl sailboat sailing sand sand castle sanderling sandy sandy point sandy point light house sandy point park sandy point shoal light house sandy point state park sasp savannah sparrow sbdo sc scales scape scaup screech owl sea sea shell seagulls seaweed seed semipalmated plover semipalmated sandpiper sepl sesa seven shadow shadows shay shell shenandoah shenandoah national park ship shoal light house shorebirds shortbilled dowitcher silhouette sky skyline skyline drive slaughter beach slider smithsonian smoke smokey smokey mountains smokies smoky smoky mountains snake bird snapping turtle snbu sneg snow snow bunting snow geese snow goose snowie snowy snowy egret soaring soldier's delight soldiers delight solitary solitary sandpiper song bird song sparrow songbird sosa sosp south carolina sparks lane sparrow splash splat splatter spook hill road spooks hill road spoonbill spots spring squirrel st. augustine st. augustine alligator farm stalk star star trails stare stars state park steam still stilt stone stonetop mountain storm streaks stream streching stretching stripes sulphur caldron summer sun sun beam sun rays sunbeam sunflower sunfower sunray sunrise sunset sunsetwater surf scoter surf zone susc susquehanna susquehanna river susquehanna state park sussex sussex county swallow swallow falls swallow falls state park swamp swan creek swimming table mountain taking off tamron 200500mm tarn tche tennessee terrace terrapin thaw the abyss the tarn thermophile thermophile bacteria thistle thomas point thomas point lighthouse thomas point park thunderstorm tiger timonium tn tom's falls tounge townsend towson tree tree swallow trees tremont tres tricolor tricolor heron trumpet creeper tufted titmouse tundra turkey point turtle tuti twilight upper terrace us life saving service valley vintage virginia vista vole wading wading bird wading birds wall wapiti warbler warm washburn range washington dc washington oaks garden water water lily waterfall waterfowl watermen wave waves wba trail wbnu west thumb west thumb basin west virginia western western screech owl westminster westminster community park wetlands white white breasted nuthatch white dome white dome geyser white pelican white tail deer whitebreasted nuthatch whitetail whitetailed deer whitethroated sparrow widgeon wild wild horse wilde lake wildlife will willet willow flycatcher wind wind river wind river valley window windy wings winter winter plumage wispy wodu wood duck wood pecker wood stork woodland beach woodpecker woods worcester worcester county working boat wreck wren wtsp wv wyoming yawn ybss yellow yellow bellied slider yellow rumped warbler yellow throat yellow warbler yellowbellied sapsucker yellowrumped warbler yellowstone yellowstone 2013 trip yellowstone canyon yellowstone grand canyon yellowstone lake yellowstone national park yellowstone np yewa york county young yrwa zebra
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